September 6, 2015 featuring Inlets Ensemble

inletsThe Inlets Foundation for Experimental Practices promotes contemporary and historical work that question and explore the constituents and cultural forms of listening and the sonic. The foundation has a particular emphasis on interdisciplinary activities and takes an expanded approach toward creating public events and publications, in order to foster radical new forms of sonic expressivity.

A major portion of the foundation’s work is running the Inlets Ensemble, a Miami-based new music ensemble comprised of some of the city’s most adventurous musicians and sound artists. The ensemble focuses on performing the ever expanding, diverse body of experimental music.

In this installment of FETA at The Miami Children’s Museum we present the Inlets Ensemble featuring a workshop that explores non-musical objects as well as works by Pauline Oliveros and Josef Anton Riedl . This month the Inlets Foundation will also be curating a series of three concerts entitled “Rock, Paper, Scissors” that explores this very theme. For more information about Inlets Foundation for Experimental Practices visit:


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