July 5th, 2015 Featuring Rane Roatta

Rane sax pic BIJQ copySaxophonist Rane Roatta graduated high school at New World School of the Arts with an A+ average. Rane is currently attending the Brubeck Institute, a program that selects five musicians in the country to tour/ preform/ earn college credits/ study with famous musicians around the country and the world, all on a full scholarship. He also likes to brag about himself in the third person.

More about the Brubeck Institute: http://www.pacific.edu/Community/Centers-Clinics-and-Institutes/Brubeck-Institute/Brubeck-Institute-Jazz-Quintet.html

Rane has studied with Matt Vashlishan, Tivon Petticot, Jason Kush, Joel Frahm, and many more. Rane was also accepted into the Monk Institute Youth Program three years in a row, and had the privilege of joining Antonio Hart for a several week long tours in the US. Three spring seasons in a row, Winton Marsalis presented Rane with Outstanding Soloist Awards at the Essentially Ellington Competitions. Rane is a dedicated musician and plans to pursue a career in music.

Rane Roatta’s passion and main artistic craft is the saxophone. He usually finds himself performing in the jazz/ funk/ rock/ experimental genres but he is fond of playing all styles of music and even finds himself playing in pit orchestra musicals and with dubstep beatboxers. Rane is also a growing athlete, cyclist and minimalist runner. He promotes a VEGAN / FRUITARIAN diet for health and fitness. Throughout his upbringing and today Rane has had a strong connection and practice in the medieval arts such as archery, chainmail, rapier, and broadsword.


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